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Meet Our Staff

Experts in Banking and Serving our Customers

At Mayville State Bank, our biggest asset has nothing to do with money. Our team of bank officers, loan officers, and bank staff work every day to create a friendly atmosphere in our bank offices that make you actually want to come by. Chances are you know many of our staff members because they live, work and play in the same communities as you; we are your friends, your family and your neighbors. At Mayville State Bank, we’re “Local People Serving Local People” and we look forward to serving you now and into the future.

Meet the Staff at Mayville State Bank

Get to know the friendly faces you will see whenever you come by any of our locations in Mayville and Millington.


Main Office, Mayville

  • Shelly Brooks

    Shelly Brooks

    President/CEO, MSB;
    President & Treasurer, MFC

  • Lisa Stephens

    Lisa Stephens

    Senior Vice President, MSB;
    Vice President, MFC

  • Scott Wegrzyn

    Scott Wegrzyn

    Vice President; BSA Officer; Loan Officer

  • Shelly Brooks

    Ben Heminger

    Assistant Vice President;
    Loan Officer

  • Lisa Stephens

    Rex Vroman

    Assistant Vice President; Security Officer

  • Patricia DeSenzio

    Loan Officer 

  • Scott Wegrzyn

    Bethany Wingert


  • Bethany Wingert

    Cammie Asmus

    Operations Supervisor

  • Chris Larabell

    Chris Larabell

    • Information Technology Officer


Millington Office

  • Shelly Brooks

    Betty Moorhouse

    Assistant Vice President; Loan Officer;
    Branch Manager, Millington Office

  • Lisa Stephens

    Nicole Dziuba

    Assistant Branch Manager, Millington Office

  • Scott Wegrzyn

    April Pelch

    Officer in Charge, Millington Office 



Supermarket Office

  • Shelly Brooks

    Amy Louks

    Branch Manager, Supermarket Office

  • Lisa Stephens

    Tina TerBush

    Officer in Charge, Supermarket Office